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Hello and welcome to Green Tara Holistics! We are so happy you’re here. As a team, we bring 20 years of experience in holistic healing, shadow work, and training others on mental, emotional and spiritual mastery techniques to help progress the ascension of the collective and the coming of the new earth.

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Recovery Reiki®I

Recovery Reiki® I

Discover the fundamentals of Recovery Reiki® $250
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Recovery Reiki®II

Recovery Reiki® II

Advance the fundamentals of Recovery Reiki® $350
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Recovery Reiki®III

Recovery Reiki®III

Master the techniques of Recovery Reiki® $500
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NADA Acudetox Training

Delve deeper into your healing practice and/or recovery $450
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Get My Exclusive Recovery Reiki ® I Manual for $24.99

Reiki is the ancient practice of the laying on of hands to specific energy centers located throughout the human body. It is a holistic modality which channels universal life force energy to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Recovery Reiki® is a specific type of Reiki targeting the pain associated with addiction and codependency, and ultimately heals the trauma which occurs as a result.

In Recovery Reiki® we’ll delve into a whole-person approach to healing that not only includes energy medicine but gut health, cleaning up environmental toxins, and healing with crystals. We also explore in-depth the negative impact the pain-body has on the body, mind, and soul.

Get My Exclusive Recovery Reiki ® I  Workbook for $24.99

Healing isn’t easy! In fact it can be downright dreadful at times, but it’s okay! This workbook will guide you through the process of self-healing and self-discovery. Inside you will find a structured process to move through what can be chaotic healing periods. I wish I could sit here and tell you that healing is all butterfly and rainbows, yes these are the outcomes, but healing a deep descent into the self. It’s a tearing down of constructs and belief systems you’ve created or acquired over time. 

The beautiful thing though is that your are the architect of your life. You have the power to manifest a reality so beautiful and so sacred it will blow your mind. The mantra I’ve used in my life has been to keep going. When you are ready to give up this is when the miracle is just around that last corner. My best goes out to you as you do this incredibly important work on yourself and hence the world.