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Hello and welcome to Green Tara Holistics! We are so happy you’re here. As a team, we bring 20 years of experience in holistic healing, shadow work, and training others on mental, emotional and spiritual mastery techniques to help progress the ascension of the collective and the coming of the new earth.

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Recovery Reiki® I

Recovery Reiki I

Discover the fundamentals of Recovery Reiki $250
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Recovery Reiki® II

Recovery Reiki II

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Recovery Reiki® III

Recovery Reiki III

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Integrating Self-Care Into the Workplace

Integrating Self-Care Into the Workplace

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Get My Exclusive Recovery Reiki ® I Manual for $24.99

Recovery Reiki® is a specific type of Reiki targeting the pain associated with addiction and codependency, and ultimately heals the trauma which occurs as a result. Delve into a whole-person approach to healing that not only includes energy medicine but gut health, cleaning up environmental toxins, and healing with crystals. Explore in-depth the negative impact the pain-body has on the body, mind, and soul.