Our Mission

To provide innovative holistic healing workshops, trainings, and one-on-one coaching that facilitate positive change within the individual and community.

Our Vision

To create the new earth through raising consciousness.

Core Values

Integrity is the act of behaving honorably, even when no one is watching. We follow moral and ethical principles in all aspects of our lives.

Commitment by dedicating to the success of all of our clients.

Compassion by maintaining an open and caring heart to all of our clients.

Accountability by valuing the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments, to clients and to each other. We take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.

Passion is an internal motivator, a following of one’s values, a regard of one’s intrinsic, unique desires. It’s an energy that comes from within – it is not forced on from without.

Dignity is holding the value of dignity means we show respect for persons, not for anything they do or any rank they hold, but because they are equal and belong.

Tara Moreno

Tara is a seasoned holistic practitioner and entrepreneur living in the United States. Tara has been a trained Usui Reiki Master since 2014 and acudetox (auricular acupuncture) specialist since 2018.

Tara’s formal education includes a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint where she studied Composition and Rhetoric and a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications/film studies from Michigan State University. Before becoming the founder of the non-profit the Serenity House of Flint in Flint, Michigan in 2015, she was a photographer and journalist.

Also, Tara is co-owner of Green Tara Holistic Healing, LLC, an organization that houses the Recovery Reiki® manuals and trainings, her husband’s Emotional Freedom Technique workshops and trainings, Self-Care in the Workplace trainings and an annual healing retreat in Costa Rica.

Tara’s mission has been to help the collective awakening process with energy medicine and other holistic practices. Currently, she lives on Lake Fenton, Michigan with her family where she dabbles in organic gardening and watersports.

I’m not quite sure where to start when speaking about Tara. She is incredibly intuitive, patient, accepting, and wise. She has been an extraordinary guiding light for me through the darkest times I have ever experienced. Through participating in energy medicine with her and continuing to listen to her guidance, I have been able to walk through fear with a sense of trust and peace that I never thought possible. She has taught me to see things through a whole new lens and I am beyond excited to continue working with her.

Meghan Bade
Pharmaceutical Rep, Crossfit Coach