Recovery Reiki II


This training will help you break free of those patterns so you can live a life of peace, love, bliss, and joy. Recovery Reiki ® will help you get to the root cause of addiction, codependency, and the trauma underneath it. The foundation is healing yourself and then healing others.



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Healing the Mental Body, Sending Distance Healing & Healing in a Group Setting This training will help you master the mental body and thought forms. You’ll also learn how to trust the mind and send distance Recovery Reiki®. This training will also teach you how to conduct Recovery Reiki® groups.


Following course completion, you will receive your Recovery Reiki® II  Certification


    • Learn distance healing and how it works/time & space illusion
    • Learn about the mental body and thoughts forms
    • Define thought questioning and learn to master the mind
    • Practice grounding and expansion
    • Learn about duality integration
    • Identify spirit guides and spirit animals
    • Learn the three Usui Symbols
    • Learn the three ways to send distance Recovery Reiki
    • Identify the Hara Line, the dantiens, and the role of breath in healing
    • Practice the Buddhist Tonglen meditation for healing others
    • Learn how to conduct a Recovery Reiki®Group Healing
    • Learn how to assess clients and properly set compensation for services


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